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Our team of skilled technicians is well-versed in servicing all vehicle makes and models, tackling everything from simple tire patches to full-scale engine and transmission replacements with finesse.


If your brakes squeal, grind, your stopping distance has increased or your pedal is soft, its time for a brake inspection or check-up. We do everything from replacing brake pads and rotors to servicing wheel bearings and calipers. Feel good about brakes that work reliably and safely.


Tire Purchase and Maintenance

Our experts can help you find the tires that are best for your
vehicle, driving needs and budget.

Keeping your tires well maintained enables better fuel economy, traction and longer life. Tire services include inspection, balancing, rotation, change over and tire pressure monitoring system alerts.

Fluids and Maintenance

-Oil change.
-Transmission flush/ Brake -fluid flush/ Coolant flush.
-Driveline fluid/ Transfer case fluid/ Power steering fluid.
-Cabin/Fuel filter replacement.
-Wiper blade replacement and washer fluid.
-Multi-point inspections.
-Factory maintenance.
-Battery maintenance and replacement.
-BC inspection facility.


Key components of the exhaust system play a pivotal role in safeguarding passengers from
hazardous gasses, reducing noice from exhaust, reducing emissions and better fuel economy.
These key components include: exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, tailpipe and muffler.

Steering, Suspension and Alignment

Yearly checkups are recommended to avoid significant
repairs. Indicators like pulling to one side, continuing to bounce long after bumps, tires wearing
unevenly, shaking or vibrations mean it’s time for inspection. Keep your ride smooth and
controlled with properly aligned tires.

Electrical Diagnostics and Computer Controlled Systems

From head lights and windshield wipers to engine efficiency and computer issues, our
specialized equipment and professionals can pinpoint your vehicles problem.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Whether icy cold winters or hot sweaty summers, make sure your temperature control system is ready to do it’s job!

Air Conditioning inspection and repair.
AC evacuation and recharge service.

Engine Performance and Diagnosis

Regular maintenance and repair will result in better fuel economy and less costly damages over
time. Engine warning lights help alert drivers to minor issues before they become a larger
problem. Our diagnostic equipment will perform a complete scan of your vehicles system
bringing up any trouble codes for problematic engine issues, as well as inform on any recalls or
factory safety information.

Automotive repair done right.



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